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All images © 2010-2015 Hennie Lacock | Copyright |

All images © 2010-2017 Hennie Lacock | Copyright |

Photography Workshops


  StarTrail & Timelapse Workshop (1 x class)

      This workshop covers all the techniques, necessary equipment and post processing       tools and skills required to capture Star Trails and making Timelapses videos.

      As part of this workshops, everyone is welcome to a practical Star Trail shoot on

      a Saturday evening following the course. Times and location will be discussed

      and shared after the workshop.


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iStudio Africa now also presents specialized Photography Workshops. Our photography workshops concentrates on specific photography disciplines. Each workshop will drill down into photography techniques, specific equipment requirements and post processing steps to take to master the specific photography disciplines.    

Our Photography Workshops are single classes with an optional photography event to practice what you have learned. At the end of each workshop a suitable date and venue will be disclosed for each workshop’s practical outing.