iStudio Africa Photography by Hennie Lacock
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All images © 2010-2015 Hennie Lacock | Copyright |

All images © 2010-2017 Hennie Lacock | Copyright |

About iStudioAfrica

The idea of iStudioAfrica has been in my thoughts since 2008 - the idea to share my Africa Over landing / Camping as well as my Nature Photography experiences online.

I have grown up touring throughout Africa with my family, and continue to do so today with my own family. I mostly strive to visit places where I can also exercise my other great passion - nature photography.

I also wish to encourage other photographer’s and over landers  to showcase Africa in a different light. I am taking this a step further with my specialized Nature Photography Course aimed specifically to getting you ready for Africa!

Here I am with my darling wife, Kirsten, and our beautiful baby girl, Nikita, on the Etosha pans in Namibia:

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